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    Read before applying

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    Read before applying

    Post by FinnStark on Tue May 31, 2016 12:11 pm

    Please make sure to read the following before applying.

    Our Code of Conduct

    Respect those around you.
    Show respect and honor to anyone around you, no matter who they are or what they've done.
    This plays a massive part in your application's judgement.

    Have good sportsmanship.
    Don't get mad or throw a tantrum if you lose a fight, or anything related to that. Just say "gf" or "good fight" if you don't have anything better to say.

    Offer help to anyone who needs it, if possible.
    If someone asks for help, do your best to help them, even if they're not a clan member. If you can't help them, find someone who can.

    Make sure to project a positive reputation of yourself and the clan to others.
    Everything you do while wearing our HF tags reflects the way other people will see our clan, so don't make us look bad. Be as loyal and respectful as you can.

    Put the clan first, above other goals.
    If fellow clan members, or the clan itself, need something, help them achieve it. However, this does not include real life goals, those should go first.

    No jokes regarding sexual references, religion, or racial slurs/racism.
    If you see anyone doing this, ask them to stop. If they don't stop, contact ranks Sith Lord/Jedi Council and above.

    Support other members of HF.
    Help and support any member you can, even if they are not in the same division. If you see someone having a bad day (clan member or otherwise), do your best to cheer them up.



    Only ranks above Jedi Master and Sith Master can give out promotions.

    Sith Ranking:
    [DL] = Dark Lord
    [SO] = Sith Overlord
    [SL] = Sith Lord
    [SM] = Sith Master
    [SMR] = Sith Marauder
    [SW] = Sith Warrior
    [SA] = Sith Assassin
    [A] = Apprentice
    [AC] = Acolyte
    [N] = Newborn

    Jedi Ranking:
    [GM] = Jedi Grandmaster
    [JC] = Jedi Council
    [JM] = Jedi Master]
    [JS] = Jedi Sentinel
    [JC] = Jedi Consular
    [JG] = Jedi Guardian
    [JK] = Jedi Knight
    [P] = Padawan
    [I] = Initiate

    Secret Code


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