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    Sith division ranking structure

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    Sith division ranking structure

    Post by FinnStark on Mon May 30, 2016 10:16 pm

    "The dark side is a path to many abilities, some consider to be... unnatural..
    ~Darth Sidious

    Ranking System

    Newborns are the recruits, the younglings who are learning the ways of the force, the basic knowledge.

    The acolyte is the student, the cadet. They learn from Apprentices and higher ranks.

    Young Apprentice/YA
    The apprentice, as we know, is a padawan. A learner who is assigned to a higher master.

    Sith Assassin/SA
    The assassin is a skillful, stealthy Sith who doesn't need full knowledge of the force to be a deadly killer.

    Sith Warrior/SW
    Warrior is a rank given to an Apprentice by their master if the master feels they are worthy of being a powerful asset in battle. Sith Warrior is a soldier in the Sith Army.

    Sith Marauder/SMR
    The Sith Marauder is a warrior who typically uses a staff lightsaber, or dual wield. This is a rank given to an Apprentice by their master if the master thinks them to be a good tank in battle. A good player to be able to defend teammates allowing them to attack.

    Sith Master/SM
    A Sith Master is a rank passed onto a Marauder or Warrior when high council men believe them to be ready for their own student.

    Sith Lord/SL
    Sith Lords oversee the Sith masters to keep them in line. These lords lead missions in-game.

    Sith Overlord/SO
    The overlord oversees the Sith Lords and lower level members to keep everyone in line, to make sure their recruits are running smoothly. These ranks are able to recruit members into the Sith division or into the clan itself.

    Dark Lord/DL
    The true master of the sith... This rank belongs to the ruler of the Sith, the true dark master.

    You can rank up through these ranks by proving yourself in-game. Sith masters are the only ones who can promote their apprentices, unless Lords and Dark Lord Praetor believe they are ready at a certain moment in time.

    Ranks from Sith Lord and up can promote any rank at any time. These Sith Lords are highly trusted to make the right call. Do not beg to be promoted. Once you reach the rank of Sith Master, you must submit an application to the "Sith Lord Promotions" forum. (outline seen in the same area)

    There are two divisions in the Sith faction. 501st is the gunner division, specifically made for those who prefer gunner classes.
    The saberist division is 184, made for those who prefer to use Jedi or Sith classes, or love to duel.

    In-Game tags



    Your in game tag will consist of your name, rank, and division assigned to you. For the rank, simply put one of the titles I previously mentioned in this post.

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