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    Jedi Ranking Structure

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    Jedi Ranking Structure

    Post by StormJK-GM/335 on Mon May 30, 2016 10:03 pm

    The Jedi Ranking Structure is as follows:

    Initiate - The initiate is the starting rank of the Jedi division. This rank is expected to follow orders given by other Jedi. This rank is also where you are picked by a knight or above.

    Padawan - The padawan rank is given to those who have been chosen by a Knight or above. This rank shall be taught saber mechanics and eventually trialed when ready.

    Jedi Knight - Jedi Knights are Padawans whom have passed their trials. Upon passing their trials, a Knight must still learn under their master. They may take a Padawan if deemed okay by their master or above.

    Jedi Guardian/Consular/Sentinel - One of these ranks are earned by different trials. After being a Jedi Knight for one week, you are eligible for one of these rolls. Jedi Guardians specialise in combat over other abilities. Consulars focus on use of force abilities in saber combat, and Sentinels focus on a mix of both equally.

    Jedi Master - Jedi Masters are Jedi Guardians, Consulars, or Sentinels that have passed their master trials. No longer under a master, they may choose to have two padawans at a time.

    Jedi Council - Jedi Council members are chosen by the leader of the division, and are especially skilled in saber combat.

    Jedi Grandmaster - The Jedi Grandmaster is the leader of the division and co-leader of the clan.

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